Sunday, August 14, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

I am so sorry I haven't been able to update recently! First and foremost ... we finally closed on the house! Monday was our 10th and final closing date. Noah and I were so excited and showed up to our appointment at 1 in the afternoon ready to sign millions of papers and receive the keys to our new home. After close to an hour of signing we got the news that we would not be able to receive the keys because the underwriter needed to make a final approval, but were reassured that we would have the keys by close at 5pm. Sure enough when 5 rolls around we find out that the lending agent forgot to turn in some paperwork, so we were denied the closing. Finally on Tuesday after rushing to the title company from work and waiting in the office for an hour, we got the keys and went over to the house to unload the moving truck. We quickly shoved everything in the house and began to paint the bedroom and living room. Later that night we went back to my parents house and packed to leave at 5 the next morning for Las Vegas.

So ... we have been in Vegas for the last four days with Noah's sister, Camy and her husband, Blake. I promise I will update soon about the vacation and the small changes we've been able to make so far, but for now I will am off to unpack the house!